London Radix Workshops

education in feeling --- intensive body focused personal growth work - since 1985

Residential Workshops at Avon Tyrrell

about Radix Workshops

These Residential Workshops provide the deep and expansive experience of individual Radix bodywork in a group context, 

with the extra factor of group living in a splendid timber lodge nestled in the woods of the New Forest.  

More time to digest, exchange and connect; plenty of opportunity for solitude.

Shared meals - solitary rambles.

Gorgeous in June and July, cosy in December.

Our workshops offer a deep dive into your own embodied and felt experience,

"I have unleashed a vitality which has enabled me to feel immense strength and joy. Thanks again to you both."

 in a group that provides a balance of support, encouragement, laughter     and the occasional challenge,

" a powerful sense of mutual support, shared goals, encouragement, warmth and humour..."

 with group  leaders who  have a lifetime of experience enabling personal growth.

"Radix Intensives allow for the fostering of deep levels of trust, intimacy and connectedness, both within oneself and with others… a unique environment where one's life and sense of aliveness is awakened, supported, nurtured and celebrated..."

 "Thank you for the safe environment that you create." 

Workshops 2018

APRIL                 FRI 06 - SUN 08

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 Later dates for you diary

JULY                    FRI 20 - MON 23

OCTOBER                  FRI 19 - MON 22

DECEMBER                FRI 07 - MON 10

Dates for booking will be released when the consultation is completed.


Optional learning days

 for practitioners

in conjunction with each New Forest workshop

In these days you get access to

  • time for reflection
  • supervision
  • " the Michaels' " decades of experience

  • the theory
  • the philosophy
  • the practice
  • "the magic"

Accommodation is self-catering, in shared rooms.  
Camping is also available on site, and we can offer local B&B suggestions for those who need more privacy.  
Single rooms sometimes crop up.

Any Questions?

or call Michael Gavin  01202 237712