London Radix Workshops

education in feeling --- intensive body focused personal growth work - since 1985


Come to a Radix Workshop if you want to:


“Reach the parts”

        that talking therapies haven’t reached

Wake up to the life in your body

     Tune in to its Wisdom

What people say
about radix workshops

-I really feel as though I have taken a huge stride in terms of my personal development...

-a powerful sense of mutual support, shared goals, encouragement, warmth and humour...

 -Radix Intensives allow for the fostering of deep levels of trust, intimacy and connectedness, both within oneself and with others.

  They offer a unique environment where one's life and sense of aliveness is awakened, supported, nurtured and celebrated...

- I came with what I know were unrealistic expectations, and they were met!

- a powerful, moving, memorable weekend...
-I felt nourished...held and nurtured...
-extraordinary skill ? what you do is like magic.

Since 1985, London Radix Workshops have been providing an Education in Feeling No longer based in London, we have been reaching out, in 2013 to Sardinia, and now to the New Forest, to Edinburgh, and most recently to Derbyshire .

Michael Randolph and Michael Gavin, are the workshop leaders.

The workshops include work in the group, in pairs and in individual intensives within the group.

We work with all aspects of movement and feeling with a particular focus on breathing and vision. 

Our aim is  to connect with what is real and alive within, and to enable you to release it and to release yourself and your potential.

Our inspiration

Wilhelm Reich developed the concept of the muscular armour, patterns of chronic tension in the body built up over long periods of time, that block the flow of life and mutual connection.

The muscular armour represents all of our significant conflicts. It is our unexpressed grief, rage, fear, love, joy and trust, blocked and held in our musculature.

Charles Kelley, research psychologist and student of Reich, developed Reich’s ideas  as "Radix Education in Feeling" adding visual energising and relaxation techniques to create Radix as a system of emotional education and body psychotherapy. 

Kelley developed the unique Radix Intensive as " an adventure in feeling, an expansion of awareness, an opening of consciousness. 

 ...The goal is growth in the capacity to experience and express deep feeling, to connect up with oneself and to contact others..."

Radix (root or source) is his term for the vital energy or force whose flow is disrupted by the body armour.

Radix on the Road
If you have a space, and some people, we'll find a way to bring Radix to you.




Our workshops fill up quickly.

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Workshops in 2017

Workshop £445

Workshop + Learning Days £645

OCTOBER       27 - 29 (30)

DECEMBERR  1 - 3 (4)


Radix for Professionals 

The wisdom of the body

There is widespread recognition of the role of the somatic in therapy and counselling.

 A Radix intensive workshop is the place to get to know in your own being

  • the embodied experience  of emotional expression
  • the mysteries of somatic resonance
  • high and low intensity
  • contact
  • boundaries
  • rhythms and fluctuations of affect

Now you can make your learning more specific by attending our Radix Learning Days as well.

Radix Learning Days

People who come to our workshops have over more than twenty five years have said:
"What you do is like magic."

Here is a chance to learn something about how and why we do what we do: 
the magic, the philosophy, the theories, and some of the practice.

On The Friday before and the Monday after our New Forest workshops we offer Radix Learning Days where you can reflect on and process the experience of the workshop, and how you might apply it in your own practice.