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Module 1

"Working Holistically in Therapy and Personal Growth:

 Basic concepts of the Radix approach and its Reichian Roots.”

9-13 April, 2018 Achberg, Germany

Module 1: 5-day training workshop presenting the theory of Wilhelm Reich and Charles Kelley, and the basic concepts of the Radix approach: 

Pulsation, Segments, Armoring and Counter-pulsation, Contact, Grounding, Centering, Attachment, Boundaries and Containment.

In the early 1920’s Wilhelm Reich, along with analysts Groddeck and Ferenczi , pioneered working with the body-mind for effective therapy and personal growth outcomes. Radix as developed by Erica and Charles Kelley PhD, in the 1970’s continued and developed this work especially emphasizing the self regulatory nature of the life force and the significance of the eyes in human psychology. More recently, neuroscience writers (e.g. Schore), and developmental psychologists (Tronick, Trevarthen, Beeby) have recognized the significance of early bodily experience for later healthy holistic functioning, and in particular the non-verbal nature of this experience.

The Radix Institute is offering a five-day residential training workshop. It is open to those who work with people to promote personal growth and healing, as well as to those who wish to deepen their own personal growth through a body- centered modality.

Module one presents an overview of the theory, and is the basis for further modules in the training program.

 Tuition ( includes room and board 8-13 April, 2018

Early Registration through 9 January, 2018 € 1590 10 January - April 8, 2018 (on a space available basis) € 1790

TO REGISTER: Use to send a deposit of € 800 to [email protected]

Refunds will be given until January 9, 2017, less a € 25 processing fee.

For more information contact [email protected], or go to

Workshop description: 

In this five-day intensive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn the basic concepts underpinning mind-body therapeutic work, and experientially learn how the application of these concepts can deepen their own embodiment and that of their clients.

Day one will focus on the fundamentals of Reichian theory and how this has been developed and applied in Radix theory to address embodied psychobiological self-regulation. Current Radix work addresses a broader range of individuals than the armored individuals usually associated with the work of Reich.

In Days two to four, attention will be focused on specific concepts underpinning Radix work. Participants will be taught various applications and techniques of these concepts, and will learn experientially and theoretically how interventions can affect their functioning (or that of their clients).

On Day five, the therapeutic tools of breath, sound, physical contact and movement will be discussed and experienced. In the afternoon participants will be taught methods of applying of all of these modes in supervised practice sessions.

Narelle McKenzie, M.A.: Director and Senior Trainer of the Australian Radix Training Centre and of The Radix Institute in North America. Narelle completed her training with the Radix Institute in 1982 and established a private psychology and psychotherapy practice in Australia. After completing her trainer training she co-founded the Australian Radix Training Centre. Narelle is a registered psychologist with thirty years experience working in private practice with adults, adolescents, families, couples and groups.

Melissa Lindsay, PsyD has been a Radix Practitioner for over 20 years, and a trainer with the Radix Institute since 2008. She has a Master of Counseling degree with a humanistic orientation, and a Doctor of Psychology.  Melissa maintains a private practice in Hawaii, working from a bodycentered orientation with a broad range of issues, and specializing in trauma and dissociation.

Humboldt Haus Achberg is in a beautiful setting in southern Germany, close to the Bodensee lake. It is a popular center for many types of classes and workshops.

The closest major airports are Munich and Zurich, less than 2 hours drive. There is also a small airport at Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen, about 1/2 hour drive to Achberg, and one at Memmingen Airport, about 45 minute drive, or a bus to Memmingen and train to Lindau. From Munich, Zürich, Friedrichshafen (and Innsbruck) there are direct trains to Lindau (Bodensee).

From Lindau, a taxi to Achberg (Esseratsweiler) is about 30 €.

As participants register, we will help you communicate for sharing rides.

Your tuition includes a single room and meals from 8-13 April, 2018. If you would like to stay additional nights at Humboldt Haus, please make arrangements with Humboldt Haus directly. 

Contact information:

++49-8380-335     [email protected]


This workshop is the first in a series of training modules.

Future training modules will focus on specific content areas such as affective regulation, eye-work, and containment. 

The modules can be taken by themselves, or can lead to certification as a Radix Practitioner. 

For the Certification Program, the modular structure of the training gives flexibility as to when a trainee enters the program, begins their individual experiential work, and begins working with students or clients of their own. If you are potentially interested in the certification program, you will have the opportunity to discuss the programs with the training staff at the workshop.

For further information Certification as a Radix Practitioner, go to