London Radix Workshops

education in feeling --- intensive body focused personal growth work - since 1985

now in the New Forest

Radix learning days

People have said:

"What you do is like magic."

Now there is a chance to learn something about how and why we do what we do:

  the "magic,"  the philosophy,  the theories, and even some of the practical steps.

Learning Days are available in conjunction with attendance at our  workshop New Forest Workshops..

In these sessions we will begin to explore, through talk and through experiential work, some of the fundamental concepts of Radix work in particular, and of Body Psychotherapy and Therapy in general.

  • Pulsation in all its manifestations
  • The relational body
  • Energetic charge - "the radix," orgone, ji, prana
  • Charge and discharge
  • Free flow and blocked flow - the muscular armour
  • Core and periphery
  • Segments
  • Pairs of emotions
  • Psycho-motor development and the embodiment of character 
  • The irreducibly corporeal and the ineffably transcendental

These are among the topics we may touch on.  The list is not a curriculum or lesson plan, more of a Tapas menu.

What these sessions are NOT

They are not for teaching you to be a Radix practitioner.

They are not teaching you techniques to apply directly in your own work with clients.

They are not sessions devoted to your own personal work, though personal issues may be touched on of course. The workshop is wholly for the personal.

What these sessions are.

They are for getting a cognitive and experiential grasp of the ideas of Reich, and his followers -especially Charles Kelley- as we use them in Radix.

They are for deepening your informed body awareness, both as a person, and - if it applies - as a practitioner.

They are for making clearer how emotional and relational processes express themselves in the body, and between bodies.

They are for exploring and expanding the ways you already think about psychological, emotional and relational issues - and even transcendental issues - in the context of embodiment.

They are for case discussion and role play - a potent form of supervision.

What we bring to the task

The two Michaels have more than twenty five years each of involvement in the London Radix Workshop programme.  Each has many more years of working with people individually and in groups in a variety of ways.  With a truly integrative approach, we bring training and experience from psychodynamic, humanistic, and transpersonal perspectives, as well as body focussed disciplines.  We are committed to teaching by enabling experiences, rather than by just telling.