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What people have said about our workshops

"I find it hard to put into words the impact of working with you both and the others in the group. I'm so glad that I finally made it to a Radix workshop. I feel solid and safe after the work ... .."

"The ... workshops, have allowed me to get in touch with areas of my vulnerability which I had always denied, resisted or didn't even know existed ...I have unleashed a vitality which has enabled me to feel immense strength and joy."

"... another excellent weekend. It has meant a lot to me to attend regularly and carry some issues forward and feel safe enough to return and resolve them. .. Thank you for the safe environment that you create. I still feel quietly energised. "

" It was worth every penny down to every last molecule and atom of copper and nickel... if that can possibly be counted, that is not enough!!"

"challenging, not what I expected, but I got exactly what I wanted"

"I felt nourished…. held and nurtured"

"extraordinary skill … what you do is like magic"

"I most certainly am feeling the benefits of the workshop … more grounded, balanced and present…I credit the workshops with profoundly deepening my bodily awareness and I am becoming more and more sensitive to the effect that my lifestyle has on my body."

"I look forward to the adventure of each workshop with a sense of excitement, knowing whatever emerges will be met with absolute respect and understanding. I very much feel as if I am on a journey in the workshops…."

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