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STOP PRESS: Three places now available at special discount price.

-Astounding Radix Residential Week on the island of Thassos

-Astounding price cut for the next three people to book.

-£100 slashed from the Early Booking price.

-Offer price £795

-Book by 12 March (£100 deposit) for a place at this rate.


Theologos, Thassos May 23 - 30

Intensive Body-focused Personal Growth Work

connecting with your body - connecting with your passion and your soul


Self-awareness and personal growth

“Reaching the parts” that talking therapies may not reach

Coming alive!


Sunny weather, friendly people, good food

Magnificent scenery and Gorgeous beaches

Unique ancient culture

Contemporary standards of service, amenities and accommodation


Time to relax and enjoy

Time to reflect on your life

Time for the work to sink in



What makes this workshop outstanding?

Is this Radix Residential week for you?

What people said about the last Radix Residential Week.





Arrangements for Meals

The workshops

Programme Outline

A Typical Workshop Day

Price and extras

Travel Information

Legal stuff

What makes this workshop outstanding?

The Setting: May on the island of Thassos: warm weather, soft breezes (with the blessing of the gods), the cleanest air; wild nature, simple Greek island living, mountains towering above us, olive groves around us, beautiful beaches a short drive (or a long long walk) away.

The Pace: time and space for relaxation and exploration amongst periods of group experience and potentially profound personal work. Time to recharge, scope to find your own rhythm.

The Radix Experience: a unique approach to encountering your bodily and emotional self in an environment that is both safe and healthily challenging, in good company and in experienced hands.

The Workshop Leaders: Michael and Michael have decades of experience in these workshops, and in working in a variety of modes to further self-knowledge and personal development.

Is this Radix Residential week for you?

It is, if…

You want refreshment, wide horizons, deepening relaxation.

You want a respite, and perhaps a challenge.

You want clear blue skies, warm sunshine, clean air, fresh breezes; simple living, fresh food, time to recharge, time to explore.

You want a chance to go more deeply into yourself.

Perhaps you have been doing some work on yourself

You are exploring your inner world, and you want to go deeper.

You know that, behind the blockages and tangles in your life, there is vitality and passion, unexamined meanings and unlived possibilities.

You want something that will take you deeper in, and further on, than talking therapy may have been able to do.

You want space, time, warmth and companionship to enable you to dive deeper, and explore further.

Perhaps you work with and for other people

You want some time just for yourself:

to heal, to recover, maybe even to spoil yourself a little.

You want to shake loose, shrug off and let go of other people's hurts and troubles, anxieties, tensions and preoccupations.

You want the chance to re-attune to your own internal rhythms, and so to revive and clarify your capacity to attune first to yourself and then to others.

What people said about our last residential week - Bosa, Sardinia June 2013

 “I loved and cherished my experiences in Sardinia with you both and the beautiful people that I had the pleasure of meeting and I am definitely different. Something inside me has loosened and my emotions are much more prominent for me and more fluid… My powerful experiences felt safe enough, secure, challenging and contained within the environment that you both created.”

“To me the most valuable in the workshop was the continuous invitation to connect with and express myself from my body. This is something I deeply long for and often forget to do in daily life…

I loved combining the workshop with a holiday in a sunny and very alive place! “

If you are doing any more Radix I would certainly like to come wherever it will be, it is so empowering… after doing all the deep work I felt the internal furniture moving…”

“I really enjoyed my time in Bosa. Would I do it again... YES.. !

I liked the format. I felt very safe with you and Michael and feel that the work I did with you both in my intensives was profound. It's hard to put into words but I have a sense of well being that feels stronger in my core... and there is something for me about acceptance of what just was.”

“You two Michaels were as awesome as ever in Bosa and I benefitted immensely as always from your empathy and insight so once again thank you for that.”

Extract from a poem written by a participant “because every gem deserves a poem.” Bosa 2013

…They so tenderly midwifed what was hidden

with steady listening hearts and bodies

and knowing souls…

Under the tapestry of life stories words and postures,

They found their quiet way, inspired

by an age old love song full of promise

Joined in their quest to return

what had been buried…

Disclosing strands of life that

had not seen daylight before

And holding these ever so tenderly

That in this blessing they could

think of stay

and shape…

Thassos and Theologos

Thassos - "the green island" - has a little bit of everything

The whole island can be circumnavigated in about two hours by car or bus around a coastal road with stunning views of aqua bays on one side, with little harbours and skala (by the sea) villages. On the other, little roads dart up to traditional mountain villages.

Thassos is famous for its pure marble, honey, beautiful monastery and laid back atmosphere.

The little ferry journey breaks one in nicely to the island’s delights, seagulls can be fed from the open decks and dolphins sometimes seen surfing in the wake. I have never known a bumpy crossing.


Theologos is a cherished traditional mountain top village preserved by Greece for its traditional architecture, with a nature trail and museum.

It is a working village of carpenters, shoe makers and stonemason with few ( if any!) tourist shops, save for a little boutique and hairdressers.

Two main Greek orthodox churches serve the village and their sermons can be heard throughout on Sundays and during religious festivals. The icons from each are processed and the whole village takes part in saint day and other church celebration

Water cascades throughout and it is a lush fertile area of natural beauty.

Higher still is the Kastro, which is an eerily high and quiet wilderness.

Nothing much moves between 2 and 5 pm, even in high season.

There is simply too much to see in one visit and the pace, ‘siga-siga’ (slowly-slowly) dictates that less is more. 

Theologos has several taverns, kafenions, and café bars. There is a museum, chapels and churches, a local school and one morning a week a visiting post office.

ATM machines and further trappings and luxuries of modern life can be found nearby in the resort of Potos

There is a delicious selection of traditional taverns in the village, with spit roasted goat and lamb being a specialty, and a wonderful range of seasonal vegetarian dishes sold as meze ( a mixture of small dishes).

For Self-catering, the village has a baker fresh baking bread, cheese pies and sweet breads every day but Sunday, a butcher (homemade spicy sausages and locally raised animals), several small mini markets for all your basic food and household stuffs, vegetables and fruits and visiting fisherman, touring the village with their daily catch.


Accommodation is in shared self-catering houses in the traditional village of Theologos within a five minute walk of each other, and a relaxed twenty minute stroll through the village to the Venue.

The streets are often cobbled with many interesting little alley ways worth exploring.

The houses have individual or shared bedrooms and open living areas.

All have terraces that provide outside space, and scope for people to get together in the evening. All have stunning mountainside views.

A Welcome Pack is provided with some basics to get you started.

Bedrooms are private; kitchens and bathrooms will be shared.

We do not know in advance the male/ female balance of the group. If mixed sharing could be an issue for you, let Tracie know

Alternatively there are Hotel options in the coastal village of Potos, which is 20 minutes away (By car) .

These would best be arranged as a tour holiday package through Thompson. Ask Tracie if you are interested.

Contact Tracie Peisley (for Thassos issues and Travel)

0044 (0)7813932620

Programme Outline

The structure of the week:

Saturday 23rd                                    Arrival and Orientation Day

Sunday 24th to Thursday 28th             5 Workshop Days

Friday 29th                                        Free Day

Saturday 30th                                    Departure Da

Typical Workshop Day

7.15                                                       Optional early session: Qi Gong, eye exercises, meditation

8.00 (ish)                                                BREAKFAST at home

9.00                                                       Morning workshop session at the Venue

12.30                                                     LUNCH at the venue

                                                             Free afternoon: beach, siesta…whatever you choose

5.00                                                       Additional workshop session as needed

7.30 (Or later)                                        DINNER…at home, in the town...up to you

9.30 (occasional optional late evening session or get-together)

We may vary times somewhat according to circumstances, and especially may rearrange or cancel afternoon session to make space for a longer outing, or more free time or other activities.

Workshop Venue

Our Venue is a traditional solid stone house in a secluded rural location on the outskirts of the village. It has a panoramic view of the mountain side. Access is by a narrow path of 200 metres from the road.

For whole group work there is a large room with an adjoining smaller room for further intensives.

There is a bathroom, a kitchen and two terraces.

Price and Extras

Special discount (3 only) £795 (booked by 12 March)

The early booking price is £895 (if booked by 12 April)

The full price is £945 (from 13 April)

Deposit £400 Balance due by May 1st.

NB: This price is for payment by Bank Transfer* or by cheque (Payable to M Gavin) 148, Mudeford lane, BH23 3HS.

*Email londonradix@btinternet.comfor payment details, or to confirm you intend to pay by cheque.

Staged payments available by negotiation for the discounted rate.

Payment by PayPal is available on our website if you prefer. PayPal costs more.

The price covers

• The workshop sessions
• Accommodation
                   (self-catering, 7 nights +Welcome Pack)
• Buffet lunch on workshop days
• Workshop materials

It doesn’t cover

• Air fares or travel from the airport

• Other transportation on the island

• Breakfast and Evening meals

• Lunch on non-workshop days

• Extra nights - if you come early or stay later*

• Non-participating partners, spouses, companions**

• Alternative accommodation choices***


*Coming early/staying late

To enjoy more time in Thassos, before or after the workshop is perfectly possible, and recommended to avoid excessive half-term air-fares.


Partners, spouses, companions are welcome to come just for a holiday

They will involve an extra cost (estimated at about £200 for the 7 days)

***Alternative accommodation

Alternatively there are Hotel options in the coastal village of Potos, which is 20 minutes away by car. These would best be arranged as a tour holiday package (including air fares) through Thompson.

Contact Tracie Peisley (for accommodation and travel)


Contact Michael Gavin (for Radix and Workshop issues)

01202 237 712


Let us know your travel arrangements as soon as you have them.

We can advise on, and may be able to help to coordinate, travel from airports. (Ask Tracie)

There are 2 airports:

Kavala, 10 minutes by taxi to the port of Keromoti and 45 minutes by ferry to Limenas town on Thassos. Ferries run almost every hour from Keromoti to Thassos.

From Limenas town to Theologos takes about 1.5 hour around the coast of the island by car or bus.

Thessaloniki, 2.5 hours from Kavala Port (by car or bus) and 1.5 hours by ferry to Skala Prinos. Ferries run from Kavala to Skala Prinos twice a day.

From Skala Prinos to Theologos about 1 hour by car or bus.

Public Transport on Thassos is reliable if a bit idiosyncratic. For example ferries run at different times on odd and even dates and there is a skeletal bus service with no buses during siesta time in the afternoon. There are taxi’s and car hire on the island or from the mainland to the island by arrangement. Individual/group transfers can be organised upon request.

It is anticipated that most visitors will fly to Kavala with a charter flight, see Thomson, for flights from North and South England.

However for those wishing to move outside of the parameters of the week booking and perhaps take in the city of Thessaloniki en route a different way of getting to the island is possible, and may require a little more planning, which Tracie is happy to assist with.

Further island hoping is also possible from Kavala to Lesbos for example (12 hours over night) or from further along the mainland from Alexandroplis to Samothraki. (2 hours)

Legal Stuff

Your deposit is necessary for us to secure your accommodation. Is t is not refundable once reservations are made.

This does NOT apply to the £100 depost required to secure the discount places on offer until 12 March.

If for any reason this workshop does not go ahead, or you do not secure a place, your £100 will be refunded in full.

Full payment is due by 1st May. There will be no refund unless we are able to find someone to take your place, in which case we will retain 25%.

The quoted price is for the workshop sessions, accommodation in a room in a shared apartment, and lunch on workshop days. Other accommodation options are available at extra cost. Other meals, travel and other expenses are not included.


This workshop is for personal development, and does not involve any offer of medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.

If you are under medical or psychiatric supervision, you should consult your doctor to confirm your fitness to travel and to take part. Our courses are not suitable for those who are too physically disabled or too emotionally disturbed to take responsibility for themselves. In any case, all health problems should be disclosed when booking.


Theologos is an old cobbled village built on a hill. Our workshop venue is up rocky lane. It could be difficult for someone with mobility problems.


We strongly advise you to have suitable Travel Insurance, with full cover against sickness and its associated costs, and to ensure that you have a valid EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).


All information here is correct at the time of sending.

If anything is not available at the time of the workshop as a result of things beyond our control, including what insurers call “Acts of God,” or if one of us is unavailable for any reason, we may have to vary or abandon the advertised programme. In such cases we will do our best to provide an alternative.

We do not accept liability for

  • the above events or others beyond our control

  • loss or damage to your personal property

  • problems arising from travel difficulties

  • medical or psychiatric conditions developing during or after the workshop

Your travel policy should cover these and other contingencies.

Any liability that we may incur is limited to the amount you have paid for the Residential Workshop.


While we are able to arrange accommodation for you, your agreement is with the owner, and any issues should be resolved with them, or their insurers.

Your continued participation in the workshop is taken to imply your agreement to theses terms and conditions.

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