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A caution and some feedback


If you have had traumatic experiences related to sexuality or physical intimacy, call first to see if it would suit you, and what support you might need to get the benefit of this workshop.


OR CALL 0208 672 0773

It is worth asking. Here are some extracts from email correspondence before and after the last workshop:

SAM (not the real name) I wonder if I'm right for your workshop. I know I am dead of feeling and actually dread sexual intimacy. I can't imagine being fully alive.

MG t is natural to be scared thinking about the workshop. Take heart.

The warning in capitals is designed to get people to stop and reflect, as you have in fact done.

You paint a picture of a core of aliveness wanting to find expression that is encased in layers of fear and shame. We will help you in the workshop to find the security you need to reduce the anxiety and unease that has been both protecting and constraining you.

In fact we won’t be approaching actual sexual intimacy in the workshop, that is a whole extra step. What we will do is explore what people need to be able to acknowledge and appreciate, even celebrate, the aliveness that is already there and can be experienced and expressed as sexuality.

For you it could be that just being present, staying safe, and challenging self-defeating thoughts and inner processes will be a significant stage in the journey that some part of you – an important part - wants to make.

Sam came to the workshop, and afterwards wrote: I feel I was able to ask for what I needed and I received it... Thank you for honouring me and allowing me to exist in all my states.

I hope the belief and resilience instilled in me will be enduring and will make for more contact as opposed to withdrawal and shame.

I don't know how I will manage my potency and I feel I stand on the rump of several ebullient ponies trying to grab for reins like a novice gladiator. It's quite something.

So it it is worth asking.

Sign up above to get information of our developing Sexual Aliveness programme.

 A debate/ controversy/ dilemma: mixed workshop or single sex

Some people have said they would prefer the Sexual Aliveness workshop to be single sex, others have disagreed.

We are looking for people's opinion. Tell us what you think on the Forums or by email.


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18 - 20 March 2011



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