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education in feeling --- intensive body focused personal growth work - since 1985

Training workshops in Radix Body-Psychotherapy: 

These training workshops in Radix BodyPsychotherapy - available in the UK  for the first time in decades - are right for you  if you work with people to promote personal growth and healing, or if you  wish to deepen your own personal growth through a body-centred modality.

  • Deepen your own sense of presence and aliveness
  • Acknowledge and resonate with your clients as embodied beings
  • Enhance your potency and skills in verbal as well as body-focused therapeutic approaches

You can take the Introductory Modules of the Radix Institute Training Program in any order.

Modules  2 & 3 together

Working Holistically in Therapy and Personal Growth: 

Pulsation, Grounding and Presence 

Avon Tyrell, New Forest

January 24-29, 2019

Early Registration 

 -until October 20, 2018  £1400

- October 21 - December 10, 2018    £1550

Includes self-catering accommodation and tuition

TO REGISTER: Pay with PayPal. Click here to send a deposit of £ 700.

This workshop  goes deeper into the understanding and application of the basic concepts to oneself and to others.

It presents the perspective of seeing the body as the doorway to intervention, Reclaiming the Body, Acceptance and Personal Empowerment, and Grounding the Body and Restoring Contact

 • Reading the Body

 • Understanding the body’s pulsatory flow that underlies the processes of thinking, feeling and action. 

 • Facilitating the pulsation and working with interruptions in the pulsatory flow 

• Facilitating a body based process model 

Working with the eyes as a key process in ensuring there is someone ‘present’ in the body 

Integrating interventions through the ocular segment. 

Contact and Contactlessness

 • Grounding 

• Movement 

• Patterns of pulsation and energy levels


Narelle McKenzie, M.A.: Director and Senior Trainer of the Australian Radix Training Centre and of The Radix Institute in North America. Narelle completed her training with the Radix Institute in 1982 and established a private psychology and psychotherapy practice in Australia. After completing her trainer training she co-founded the Australian Radix Training Centre. Narelle is a registered psychologist with thirty years experience working in private practice with adults, adolescents, families, couples and groups.

Melissa Lindsay, PsyD, has been a Radix Practitioner since 1995, and a trainer with the USA Radix Institute since 2008. She has a Master of Counseling degree with a humanistic orientation, Certification in Gestalt Therapy, and a Doctor of Psychology degree. Melissa maintains a private practice in Hawaii, working from a body-centered orientation with a broad range of issues, and specializing in trauma and dissociation.

Michael Gavin, (of London Radix workshops)
therapist since 1984, certified Radix Practitioner since1992, has co-led the London Radix Workshops Program for more than 25 years, recently adding “Radix Learning Days” before and after these experiential workshops to help participants understand their experience in terms of Radix theory.  After many years in London, Michael is now based in the New Forest area of England.  A certified Somatic Trauma Therapist (1994), he has conducted trainings in somatic work with trauma for UKATA, BACP, and other organizations, and co-leads the EveryBodyKnows workshop series introducing talk therapists to somatic ways of working. 

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