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Grounded, Present, In Contact and Alive     

Isn't this how we want to be with our clients and patients as helping professionals?

Aren't these the qualities we want for them in their lives?

You can develop your somatic intelligence, and understanding

and the skills that inform the work of body-focused therapists...

at this workshop.

Grounding, Presence, Contact and Aliveness

Radix Training Workshop

Avon Tyrrell, New Forest National Park


THE FULL MONTE: Four day format: Thursday 24 - Sunday 27 January, 2019 ( 9 sessions)

NO TIME OFF: Weekend format: Friday evening 25 January - Sunday 27 January 2019 (5 sessions)

also available by arrangement: individual and small group consultation, supervision, or personal sessions on Monday 28, and Tuesday 29 January. 

We shall explore ways of observing and reading the bodies we meet,

and focus in depth on Grounding, facilitating Contact and a sense of Presence, and Aliveness.

The flow of Aliveness manifests in the pulsatory processes of the body.

You will learn to understand, and encourage - to contain or unblock this flow, as appropriate

The programme is devised by internationally recognised trainers and delivered by a Certified Radix Teacher with more than 25 years experience .

You get to experience, and practise hands-on with one another, the application of the concepts and techniques presented, and explore ways to embed them in your ongoing practice, whatever its orientation.


Michael Gavin

certified Radix Practitioner, co-leader of London Radix Workshops Program for more than 25 years, certified Somatic Trauma Therapist.

Workshop based on Official Radix Institute Training Modules

Course devised by

Narelle McKenzie, M.A. from Melbourne, Australia :

Director and Senior Trainer of the Australian Radix Training Centre and of The Radix Institute in North America.

Melissa Lindsay, PsyD, from Hawaii, USA

Trainer with the USA Radix Institute since 2008, a Radix Practitioner since 1995,

More about the workshop

This workshop has been designed to be a stand-alone which offers a deeply personal experience of being in a body, listening to and learning from one's own body processes, observing and learning from the bodies of others, and applying body psychotherapy concepts to understand what you observe and experience, and radix interventions and techniques to bring more groundedness, presence, and aliveness to those we work with, and to ourselves..

If you want to know if someone is alive, you look for a pulse. In the radix perspective, pulsation – the universal characteristic of living entities – is the key to nurturing, protecting, and expressing aliveness in all its magnificence. You will learn, experience and practise ways to recognise, encourage, enhance or contain this flow, and how to discover, and where appropriate, remove what is blocking it.

At the same time it is an integral part of a structured systematic training approach. See below.

The Radix Training Program

For those interested in a formal course of Radix training, or building a training portfolio in Body Psychotherapy, these six four days form a compressed digest of Modules 2 & 3 of the first phase of the Radix Certification Program (usually deliverd over four days). The first five modules can be taken in any order. To take modules beyond Module 5, personal Radix work is also required.

For more information about the Training and Certification Programs follow this link.

The workshop presents the perspective of seeing the body as the doorway to intervention:

Reclaiming the Body, Grounding the Body and Restoring Contact, Acceptance and Personal Empowerment

Topics include:

  • Ways of Observing Bodies

  • Understanding the body’s pulsatory flow - the aliveness that underlies processes of thinking, feeling and action.

  • Patterns of pulsation and energy levels

  • Facilitating pulsation and working with interruptions in the pulsatory flow

  • Grounding

  • Presence

  • Contact and Contactlessness - with self and with others

  • Working with the eyes as a key to ensuring there is someone ‘present’ in the body

  • Movement for changing established holding patterns

  • Integrating interventions through the eyes and eye contact - the ocular segment.

You will work with one another to explore the principles in practice, and there be time to consider how they can be applied right away in your current style of working.

Two Overlapping Workshop Formats

The Four Day Format (9 sessions) the full monte

Wednesday 23rd arrive 6 pm, optional informal introduction session 7.00 - 8.30 pm

Thursday 24th       10 am to 5 pm (2 sessions

Friday 25th             9 am to 4 pm (2 sessions) + 7 pm to 10 pm (1 session)

Saturday 26th        10 am to 5 pm (2 sessions)

Sunday 27th           9 am to 4 pm (2 sessions)

Option to stay over till the morning of Monday 28th

If you can come for the whole four days you will get the most out of the workshop.

The weekend Format (5 sessions)

Friday 25th             7 pm to 10 pm (1 session)

Saturday 26th        10 am to 5 pm (2 sessions)

Sunday 27th           9 am to 4pm (2 sessions)

Option to stay over till the morning of Monday 28th

f you only have the weekend available, you can get the essence of the workshop in these five sessions.

Optional Extras

There are reading lists and handouts associated with the workshop. There is also an opportunity to enroll for ongoing follow-up material and online sessions after the workshop to help you continue to integrate what you have learned.

On Monday and Tuesday 28 & 29th January, by arrangement there is a chance for to have individual or small group consultation or supervision, or even radix sessions.

Once you have booked for the workshop, let me know if you are interested. 


You can use your credit card with PayPal, if you don't have an account. Or email for other ways to pay.

Join us for this rare opportunity in the UK to take a deep dive into essentials the Radix approach.

for your personal aliveness, and to enhance your work with others, whatever it may be.

About Radix 

In its early days, Radix was known as the "white water rafting" of body psychotherapy. We are still known for our capacity to facilitate high-energy emotional discharge, safely and effectively.

In recent decades, Radix has evolved and developed, embracing a relational approach – seen from an energetic, embodied perspective, as outlined for example by former Radix teacher, William Cornell (Somatic Experience in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy)

Radix has also incorporated - not least from its distinguished alumna, Babette Rothschild, best-selling author of The Body Remembers and other works on trauma, and originator of Somatic Trauma Therapy - an understanding of ways to work with people affected by trauma, who may well embody high energetic and emotional charge, but who may benefit more from containment and mindful approaches than from emotional release.

Find out more about Radix here.


Avon Tyrrell activity centre is located in sixty-five acres of beautiful grounds

in the New Forest National Park, about 80 miles southwest of Heathrow airport.

Its lakes are set amid a mixture of woodland and open spaces.

Our accommodation is in the largest of the lodges, Avon Lodge,

which has generous space for our workshop,

sleeps up to 14 in self-catering shared twin-bedded rooms,

with two toilets/shower rooms, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Any questions?

email or call Michael Gavin 01202 237712

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