London Radix Workshops

education in feeling --- intensive body focused personal growth work - since 1985

Special July Week

What is on offer

The key to this workshop is Self Directed Learning.  You choose what you want to pursue.

Personal Work

Professional Development

Curiosity and Fun

in any combination.

It is not imperative that you know at the outset exactly what you want.  A good use of a workshop like this could be to clarify what is truly important to you.

For personal work, we can use body focussed approaches like Radix, Somatic Trauma Therapy, Core Energy Management and Focusing; creative and imaginative approaches like Active Imagination, Imagework, and art work; and more conventional talking methods like TA  (Transactional Analysis).

You may want to address here and now states, unhelpful patterns, relationship issues, or longer term life goals.  You have an outcome in mind, or may just want to and be curious and explore.

There are many themes that can be embraced as professional development.  Below, you will find a list of topics on I which have prepared &/or delivered training at some time. The list may give you an idea of the possibilities. 

Of course I do not undertake to cover the whole of any of these modules in the course of the week.  If you have worked with me, you know that I warn people to expect and indeed to thrive on the frustration and disappointment that comes from understandably expansive wishes and expectations when the come up against brute reality.

What I do undertake is to collaborate with you and the group to create experiences that will put you in touch with the essence of the topic, and leave you with an onward path of experimentation and learning.

There will be plenty of opportunity for Fun, Curiosity and Creativity.

It will be high Summer.  The forest is all around, the beach and the coast are not far away.  There will be scope for music, and dance, and art work, both as part of some sessions and as as fun things to do for their own sake.

I have worked with groups for some decades and I have a deep confidence in the nurturing, creative, healing and healthily challenging power of a group of reasonably well-intentioned and responsible people to enable remarkable things to emerge for individuals and for the group as a whole.

What I bring

I am a certified Radix Body Psychotherapist, involved with London Radix Workshops for 30 years.

One of only two Certified Somatic Trauma Therapists in the UK, I am an Approved Supervisor on the Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification Program.

I was External Supervisor to the London Underground’s Counselling and Trauma team from 2007 to the end of 2015.

I was in private practice as a therapist in SW London from the 1980s until the end of 2012.

I have been a Regular member of the Institute of Transactional Analysis  since 1982, and a frequent presenter at ITA Conferences over the years.  My three years of TA training in the eighties, disrupted by a prolonged encounter with ME/CFS, has formed a valued frame of reference for my thinking, and I learned much from intensive training with Bob and Mary Goulding and Richard Erskine. 

Since 1997 I have been a regular member of a  Professional Development Group, led by the Psychoanalyst, Shirley Spitz, exploring relational psychoanalysis, transference and counter-transference and other analytic and psychodynamic themes.

My own Jungian analysis lasted from 1986 to 1998, and for the past 29 years I have been associated with the annual Champernowne Trust summer conference focussing on Jungian psychology, creativity and the Arts based approaches to therapy.  I am now myself a Trustee with particular responsibility for the Web and Social Media.

I trained additionally in Core Energy Management with William Bloom (The Endorphin Effect, Feelin Safe etc), and with Dina Glouberman in Imagework.

My awareness of Mindfulness practices began in 1966 when I joined an esoteric school based in the teachings of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and the philosophy of the Advaita Vedanta. The practices and the philosophy have continued to inform my life and my work.

More about me

After almost fifty years working with people, including thirty years as a psychotherapist, twenty years as a body psychotherapist, and about seventeen focusing on trauma,  I closed my individual psychotherapy practice in 2012. 

I  have finally left London behind and settled by the sea in Dorset.

I have now  reached a reflective stage in my life when supervision, training and writing have becoming my main focus.

I love watching people develop personally and professionally.

I have a particular interest in how people - particularly helpers, and people in positions of leadership - can survive and thrive within organisations,  how the Helping Professions can so easily take their toll on the human spirit, and what can be done to humanise this process..

I continue to be fascinated by ways of working with trauma, and with the complexities of trauma-conditioned transference and counter-transference.  This is in no small part due to my long friendship and collaboration with Babette Rothschild (The Body Remembers, Help for the Helper, 8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery etc.). She has kindly said: Michael Gavin has been my closest UK colleague since 1992.… There is no one I have more confidence in as a therapist, teacher, consultant, and supervisor."

After more than twenty-five years of learning from and collaborating with Michael Randolph, our Radix Intensive Body Psychotherapy workshops remain a enduring source of surprise and delight to me.  I have long felt a calling to bring the insights of our body focused ways of working to those whose training has been in the talking therapies.

Through yoga, Tai Ji, through dancing and riding my bike, as well as Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Trauma Therapy, I continually return to the fundamental importance of embodied living and body awareness.  A relatively new project unfolding over the last couple of years has been the EveryBodyKnows  workshop series devised and delivered in collaboration with Brian Stirner, a revelation and  an affirmation of the proposition that "less is more",  and that deep learning can come for simplicity and focussed attention.

The range of possible professional and personal topics

These workshop and training topics may help to suggest themes that appeal to you.



  • What You Need to Know about Trauma & PTSD
  • Starting Out on Trauma Therapy
  • Working safely with People Affected by Trauma


  • Assessing Clients Affected by Trauma
  • The Three-phase Model of Trauma Treatment    -in theory and in practice
  • Putting on the Brakes - managing arousal in trauma treatment
  • Risks and Remedies in Working with Trauma
  • Peter Levine's SIBAM Model: an invaluable tool for work with trauma
  • 8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery in Practice


  • The Neuroscience You Need for Trauma Therapy
  • Understanding Trauma in Brain and Body


Short-Term Work with Trauma

Long-Term Work with Complex Trauma

Trauma and Counter-transference

Structural Dissociation and Trauma


(Applying Current Theories in Practice)

  • Making Sense of Affect Regulation (SCHORE)
  • Making sense of Mindfulness (SIEGEL)
  • Making Sense of the Body Remembers (Rothschild)
  • Making Sense of Structural Dissociation (The Haunted Self)


  • First be comfortable
  • Grounding, Centring and Facing
  • Somatic self-awareness
  • Strawberries, Anchors and Fingerposts – applying Core Energy Management (William Bloom)


  • Expressive Bodywork: Do's, Don’ts and How-To's
  • Understanding Emotions:  In Body, Mind, And Relationship
  • What Talking Therapists Can Learn from Body Psychotherapy
  • Embodied Counter Transference: A Vital Therapeutic Tool


  • Self-Care for Working with People
  • Self-Care for Therapists and Counsellors
  • Self-Care for Trauma Therapists and Counsellors
  • Self-care for Managers and Leaders
  • Self-care for Teachers and Headteachers
  • Self-care for Parents
  • Self-care for Carers


  • Self-remembering (Mindfulness+)
  • Self-esteem – Denton Robert’s “Gentle Path to Peace”
  • Developing Personal Presence
  • Developing Personal Authority
  • Embodying Power: assertiveness in practice
  • Creative Aggression (Bach & Goldberg)
  • Six Human Needs (Madanes)


Introducing Active Imagination  (Jung)

Working with Images (Glouberman)


For People in Leadership Roles

  • Between the Millstones –Surviving the pressures of organisations, and thriving
  • Developing Personal Authority as a Leader

For People in Education

  • School Rules
  • How to Praise and Disapprove
  • The Anatomy of Arousal (and of Calm) for Teachers
  • Developing Personal Authority as a Teacher/ Headteacher
  • Confidence in the Classroom
  • Don't Smile till Easter – the path of the classroom Ninja
  • Troubled or Troublesome - understand and manage challenging behaviour
  • Toddlers, Teens and Beyond