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 London Radix Workshops

From 1985 to 2012 the workshops took place in London. Since then we have been in the New Forest, in Edinburgh, and in Bosa, Sardinia. Next year (2015) we expect to include Thassos in Greece - we may even return to London sometime in 2015.

Begun in 1985 by Michael Randolph, these workshops continue to offer the group based Radix work that Charles Kelley developed and advocated.

Following Reich's principle of surrender to the movement of energy and emotion in one's body , informed by Chuck Kelley's focus on education and self-responsibility, and the Radix intensive, and by Levine and Rothschild's emphasis on building safety and resources in the face of traumatic injury, our Radix workshops offer the opportunity to experience in oneself and to witness in others the play of emotion from barely perceptible body movements and sensations to expansive and passionate expressions power and excitement, grief, rage, and terror, pleasure and joy.

Their aim is to help participants experience a significant loosening of the fetters of bodily and emotional armouring. We start gently with group and paired exercises focussing on aspects of movement and feeling, and in particular on breathing, sound and vision. This can be light-hearted and fun, but also can touch quite quickly into deeper held feelings, whether of pain or pleasure, anger or tenderness, longing, fear or surrender.

The heart of the workshop lies in the intensive sessions, where each participant has the opportunity to work individually in the context of a small group with each of the group leaders. The workshop is limited to twelve participants to ensure this level of intense personal work.

Over the more than twenty-five year life-span of these groups we have become effective and confident in creating a space which allows the emergence highly charged emotions and in finding ways to enable, as appropriate, both their conscious containment and their full expression. Participants report feeling safe, enlivened, deeply moved and sometimes shaken or surprised yet enriched by what they find in themselves though this work. Most groups contain a mixture on newcomers and old hands. Some come looking to "reach the parts" that talking therapies have not reached. Not a few are practitioners themselves looking to deepen their experience of embodied emotional process.

The workshops typically run from Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon. They are non-residential. For accommodation information click here.                       

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