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Radix Intensives

The Radix Intensive is the heart of Radix work, and of of our Radix Workshops.

Within the context of a smaller group, each participant has the individual attention of the group leader, and where appropriate the support of the group, for a session we call the Radix Intensive.

Chuck Kelley, the founder of Radix says:

The Intensive is an adventure in feeling, an expansion of awareness, an opening of consciousness.

The goal is growth in the capacity to experience and express deep feeling, to connect up with oneself and to contact others.

The Intensive frees feeling that is blocked by muscular armor, opens feeling that is buried, and softens and releases feeling that is too strong and is held in for fear of explosion.

The expression of feeling opens the channels for larger expressions of feeling.

A course of Intensives bring an unfolding of the capacity to experience and express deep feeling in oneself and toward others.

The feelings freed in the Intensive are those that have been locked in by chronic patterns of tension. Joy, pain, sadness, terror, love, rage, grief, happiness -- whatever is within one will emerge in the Intensive.

The student is not taught what to feel, but how to release the feelings that are there. Usually there is first some painful emotion such as grief or fear or anger that must be freed, before joyful feelings emerge. 

(from Radix Education in Feeling and Purpose)

As our experience in the workshop has evolved over the years we have broadened our concept of the Intensive to include, not only the high energy discharge that Kelley taught, but also at times more quiet and subtle but no less intense and penetrating ways of deepening emotional awareness and expression.

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