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What to expect at a workshop


You can expect

  • an environment that is safe and accepting

  • a space in which to explore and even challenge yourself, and your way of being in your body and in the world

  • permission to go as far and as deep as you feel you need to

  • permission to say no to any and everything you choose to

  • a supportive group of other people on a similar journey of exploration

  • highly experienced group leaders


Our workshops involve a group of from six to ten participants, and two workshop leaders.

We typically start at 7pm on Friday evening with some warm up exercises that get people more in touch with themselves as beings with bodies, and that encourage some mostly playful interaction within the group. In the warm up too, we hope to get people who are new to this work to experiment a bit with breathing, making sounds and exploring the edges of their comfort zone. After that we have some time for people to introduce themselves to us and the group, to let us know what they are hoping, expecting, or fearing from the workshop, and to ask any questions. After a tea-break we have an exercise, usually in pairs, designed to let people get more deeply in touch with their bodies and with their feelings. We end by 10pm.

Saturday morning (starting at 10am) follows a similar pattern to Friday evening, usually taking the work at least a little deeper.

After lunch we move to the Intensive sessions, dividing the group in two if the numbers require it, so that each participant will be able to work with each of the group leaders in the context of a smaller group. The first round of Intensives takes place on Saturday afternoon (ending no later than 8.30pm,) and the second on Sunday from 10am. Sunday afternoon ends with the whole group coming together for integration and feedback. There is also time for discussion and feedback during the smaller group sessions.

To quote from the website, and from Charles Kelley, the founder of Radix we aim to "create an environment that offers an adventure in feeling, an expansion of awareness, an opening of consciousness, where you can release feelings that have been locked in by chronic patterns of tension. Joy, pain, sadness, terror, love, rage, grief, happiness...whatever is within one will emerge? You are not taught what to feel, but how to release the feelings that are there."

We take you through paired and whole group exercises, and individual Intensive sessions within the framework of the group. We work with all aspects of movement and feeling with a particular focus on breathing and vision. Our aim is to connect with what is real and alive within, and to enable you to release it and to release yourself and your potential.

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